Do You Know What a Watchman is? I am a Watchman.


A biblical watchman is a “sentinel”- one who peers into the distance with the use of a tower which has a wide view in order to observe accurately.

 I was a Christian for little more than a year before the Lord began quickening chapters and verses in Ezekiel 3 and 33,  Habakkuk 2: 1-3, Jeremiah 6:17 telling me I was under the responsibility before Him of being a watchman. When I started the blog approximately four years ago, I thought it was only to be from my heart to all my children and grandchildren. Yet the longer I have held this before the Lord the more I have realized that this blog is not for my generation to the next and the next, but to all of HIS children, this generation and the next and the next. I came to know the Lord at the age of 35 and have been teaching Bible Studies for almost 45 years. There is in me an overwhelming desire to see everyone I know be safe on the path to Heaven. The Lord used parables when He taught. He has seen fit to grace me with dreams, stories and one vision.In the beginning He showed me a bathtub that little children would innocently bathe in. But I could “see” there was danger because the bathtub was filled, not with water, but with lye, a strong corrosive, that would burn and disfigure and be dangerous to little ones. I had to warn them so they weren’t scarred. Later I realized that lye is spelled another way . . . lie. I needed to be watchful that none of my children dipped even their little pinky toes in that solution. Nor did I want anyone else ever harmed. I was amazed at how attentive the Lord made me, how He sharpened my eyesight. Then He gave me the vision below and I understood the depth of my responsibility. 

Matthew Henry Commentary references Isaiah when speaking of visions: It is a vision, being revealed to [Isaiah] in a vision, when he was awake, and heard the words of God, and saw the visions of the Almighty. . . It was what  he saw with the eyes of his mind and foresaw as clearly as divine revelation, was as well assured of it, and as much affected with it, as if he had seen it  with his bodily eyes.

MY WATCHMAN VISION                                                    
 I was sitting next to my husband and all of a sudden with incredible clarity I “saw” this:
It was the time of the Old West and we were inside a large Army fort in the middle of the prairie. I was walking up to my watchtower for sentry duty. Down   in the compound were mothers pushing their baby carriages, children running around playing tag, soldiers attending to their duties. But from my  watchtower all of a sudden things looked different (from watchtowers you can see further off into the distance). I saw a huge cloud above the ground in the  distance. The thought ran through my mind that it could have been a big dust storm like you have in the Midwest. . . But it could also have been a tribe of  hostile Indians kicking up a lot of dust. My “trained knowledge” (prayer, seeking the Lord, reading the Bible, knowing the trademarks of the enemy) told me it was the Indians. I immediately alerted the men below to close and barricade the front gates, the soldiers to position themselves for a fight, the w women and children to take cover. I ran to the Commander’s office to tell him what I’d seen. He knew the signs of the times and the hostile tribes that  surrounded us. Because we had sufficient time to prepare ourselves we were ready and safe. 
The Lord gave me that vision over 40 years ago. It is as vivid to me today as it was then.

There is a great advantage to coming to the Lord late in life. It enables you to have participated in activities you wish you hadn’t, things you didn’t realize were from the enemy when you were doing them when you weren’t yet saved but know now that the Lord has opened your eyes. Things like hypnosis which is now passing for meditation, Circle Maker, yoga and other forms of mysticism in the church. Things like automatic writing which is now found in God Calling  and  Jesus Calling. Having been a very devout Catholic for over 30 years and being so very familiar with all the vernacular of that church, I recognize it in all its disguises. As an example, a former pastor began quoting in his sermons from books the names of John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Ignatius of Loyola. How could that be? I was in a Christian church and he was quoting Catholic saints as authorities! My dear friend, Jean, now in glory, then a Christian book store manager, who was sitting next to me, in church, whammed me with her elbow, saying, “Don’t you know about them – they’re contemplative!” Since she knew so much I thought she should approach Pastor. However, Jean insisted I was the researcher. So began a nine month long quest that culminated in a 154 page research paper containing chapters on spiritual formation, spiritual disciplines, mysticism, contemplative prayer, Catholic meditation, sanctified imagination, astral projection, etc. Since that time over ten years ago The Message and Enneagrams have been added to this long list. All of these topics are extra-biblical, mystical, seeping the truth out of the One True Bible. They are the drops of lies being added to the water and the Lord’s holy church is in danger. 

When we moved to Virginia decades ago, The Lord led me to this verse in The Lindsell Study Bible in Philippians 1: 17 
“…the Lord has brought me here to use me to defend the Truth.” The word Truth is capitalized. Jesus is the Truth. His Word is the Truth. The Lord told me to name my blog Holding His Word Higher. I highly esteem His Word, His Truth, Himself. 
17 Sanctify them [make them holy] by the Truth; Your Word is Truth. (John 17:17)
In the coming months there will be Bible Studies on many topics; warnings that will be given. I pray they will always be the truth. 

*** If there are questions you have on any topic, please ask them. My grandchildren always do. It’s why the Lord has me here.