Investigating “The Chosen” TV series Part 1


Forty years ago when I was a young Christian, we were stationed at a military base in Hawaii. A woman’s Bible Study group was being held on marriage. The women raved about it so I signed up for the next series of classes. But something seemed amiss and I developed a strong burden for the group and the teacher, a very sweet, very devout Christian. However, as the weeks progressed,  more and more “little things” just didn’t seem right. Finally, we got to lesson seven and my ears were opened wide with these words: “If your husband tells you to go with him to an X-rated movie, you are to obey him. God will be pleased and not condemn you as a sinner because you have obeyed your husband.” All the alarms went off inside me. No, God would not be pleased and I knew I needed to know more about this teaching. 

I had a friend in Virginia many years more mature in the Lord than I and I knew she would supply me with information. Indeed she did. As it happened, the author of the course lived in Virginia. Unknown to the Hawaii group who believed they were studying Christian material, the author of the course had “sprinkled” the Christian Bible upon the Mormon “bible” and presented it as Christian! I told the Head Chaplain and the leader of the women’s Bible group and they agreed to return all the material. The Hawaii Bible Study Leader even graciously informed all the students of years past of the “masquerade.” I tell you this story because a very similar “masquerade” is now occurring on a much more elaborate scale. It’s name is the TV series titled “The Chosen.”

2 Corinthians 11:3-4 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

But [now] I am fearful, lest that even as the serpent beguiled Eve by his cunning, so your minds may be corrupted and seduced from wholehearted and pure devotion to Christ.

For [you seem readily to endure it] if a man comes and preaches another Jesus than the One we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the [Spirit] you [once] received or a different gospel from the one you [then] received and welcomed…

2 Corinthians 11:13-14 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

13 For such men are false apostles [counterfeits], deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles…

14 And it is no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light;

Doctrines speak the truth about Jesus Christ in His Bible. Anything speaking against that truth divides and is simply a lie.

Romans 16:17 Living Bible

17…Stay away from those who cause divisions and are upsetting people’s faith, teaching things about Christ that are contrary to what you have been taught.

The Lord has given me an assignment to report on the television series “The Chosen.” Having been a researcher for over forty years, I’ve become familiar with who are the reliable speakers and writers and, most importantly, who are the ones who truly have a heart for the Lord. Therefore, this paper will simply share most of their excellent material with occasional asides from me.

There are two more important points I want to share at the outset of this entire report. There are so few “acceptable “ programs on TV to watch in this day and age that it seems only logical to want to watch a “Biblically based” series. But even then we have to remember a safety feature the Lord has given us in 1Thessalonians 5:21:

21 buttest everything that is said to be sure it is true, and if it is, then accept it.

In addition, I believe in sharing the truth in love. I will report the truth about the Mormon Church but I will not demean the Mormons for that would not be loving and Biblical toward them.

2 Timothy 2:24-26 Living Bible

24 God’s people must not be quarrelsome; they must be gentle, patient teachers of those who are wrong. 25 Be humble when you are trying to teach those who are mixed up concerning the truth. For if you talk meekly and courteously to them, they are more likely, with God’s help, to turn away from their wrong ideas and believe what is true. 26 Then they will come to their senses and escape from Satan’s trap of slavery to sin, which he uses to catch them whenever he likes, and then they can begin doing the will of God.

                        THE CHOSEN: BEING PROGRESSIVE…ISN’T


Steve Farrar is a renowned author and speaker whose latest series of videos is titled “The Lion Roars.” In this video he addresses the television series “The Chosen” and ties it in with the newest movement in the Christian church, namely Progressivism. If you listen to his tape – “Being Progressive…Isn’t”…you can concentrate on sections 25-32 minutes for an explanation of the progressivism section. 2 John 7-9 Living Bible

Watch out for the false leaders—and there are many of them around—who don’t believe that Jesus Christ came to earth as a human being with a body like ours. Such people are against the truth and against Christ. Beware of being like them and losing the prize that you and I have been working so hard to get. See to it that you win your full reward from the Lord. For if you wander beyond the teaching of Christ, you will leave God behind; while if you are loyal to Christ’s teachings, you will have God too. Then you will have both the Father and the Son.

The words in bold mean to progress away from the truth and towards error. Therefore, a Progressive Christian is one who goes on ahead and doesn’t have Christ. The progressive leaves the true teaching behind and doesn’t abide in the teaching of Christ (denies Jesus has come in the flesh…) but fits the spirit of the age. People get restless with old and true teaching and want change.

Additional comments by editor to above Scriptures:

2 John 10-11Living Bible

10 If anyone comes to teach you, and he doesn’t believe what Christ taught, don’t even invite him into your home. Don’t encourage him in any way. 11 If you do, you will be a partner with him in his wickedness.

Notice the verses that add such harsh emphasis. This is a warning not to be ignored. The very next book of the Bible, Jude, continues this emphasis. While Jude had thought he would write about the tender topic of salvation, he instead feels compelled to state in verse three:

Jude 3 Living Bible

Dearly loved friends, I had been planning to write you some thoughts about the salvation God has given us, but now I find I must write of something else instead, urging you to stoutly defend the truththat God gave once for all to his people to keep without change through the years.

The Greek word for once has a very emphatic derivation. It means: single  occurrence to the exclusion of any other, once and for all, once and never again. In other words, the topic we are dealing with here is not to be taken lightly. It is of the highest importance to the extent that indulging in teaching contrary to what Jesus taught will make you a partner in wickedness. Harsh words. But remember what we are talking about – the Word of God, the Living Word of God.

John 1:1 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition

1In the beginning [before all time] was the Word (Christ), and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself.

Five ways Jesus claims to be God in John 5:

Jesus is equal to God in His person v. 17,18

Jesus is equal to God in His works v. 19, 20 

Jesus is equal to God in His Power and Sovereignty v.21

Jesus is equal to God in His judgment honor v. 22

Jesus is equal to God in honor v. 23, 24

The Mormon Church has taught that the Christian Bible is corrupt and cannot be trusted. It also states that the Bible is insufficient. 

Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church,  was given a vision by an angel, a concept contrary to Galatians 1: 8, repeated in v.9.

Galatians 1:8 New International Version

But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse!

The Main Beliefs of the Mormon Church:

Continuing Revelation – The four written sources of revelation in the LDS Church are the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price and the King James Bible…God continues to reveal His word through living prophets (editor: this is contrary to the Christian doctrine on the Bible being a closed Canon as referred to in:

Revelation 22:18 Living Bible

18 And I solemnly declare to everyone who reads this book: If anyone adds anything to what is written here, God shall add to him the plagues described in this book.

Humanized Deity – Belief in a plurality of gods, who preexisted as material spirits, is foundational to LDS belief. The God of this world was once a man who became a god. According to Joseph Smith, founder of LDS, Jesus was an eternal spirit being, who – together with his spirit brother Lucifer – was made incarnate to be tested and to become a god. (See above comment on 2 John 7).

(editor, in addition, there  are millions of gods in Mormonism – every time another Mormon couple has a baby, another Mormon god is created.)