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1Thessalonians 5:21 commands us to prove all things. This entire series of lessons is an example of obedience to that command by a variety of those in His body who care for the safety of His people. If you or someone you know have read these books, would you go back to the very beginnings of these lessons and see this action as a “kindness” that has been done to the body of Christ and share it with them to keep them safe?

4/26: A Look at “Jesus Calling”

Question 1: Why are Christians seeking a divine presence that Jesus promised would abundantly flow in them? What is it that some Christians are seeking after that the Spirit of Christ does not already supply? Why do they need another voice, another visitation, or another vision? Why are some people unthankfully desirous of “something more” than what in God has already given to us? Why is it that some Christians, in the depth of their souls, are not seemingly at rest? (See Hebrews 4:9-10.)

Question 2:  Of this pledged-permanent presence, I would ask, “How can we meditate or contemplate ourselves into it?” The answer is, “We can’t!” By faith God gives it (Galatians 3:2). For this reason, I never pray for the Lord to be “with” me. He already is!…

3/22: “The Dolorous Passion” and Excerpts Presented within “The Passion of the Christ” Movie…but Not the Bible!

Does it not become obvious after reading all this that the “inspiration” for the movie “The Passion of the Christ” originated less with the Holy Word of God than it did with the mystical writings of Saint Anne Catherine Emmerich?

2/21: Loose Threads: Marriage According to the Bible cont’d.

Reading through even these brief passages have you noticed that there are no hard and fast rules for the marriage relationship? Each situation has to be taken to the Lord and be directed by His Word. Have you ordered your marriage by His Word or by your emotions? Are you ready to take a good, hard look? (I still have to even after all these years, every day). Click Here to Navigate to the Article


Can you change your focus from “submission” to doing everything in “reverence to the Lord?” It will make marriage infinitely sweeter. Click Here to Navigate to the Article

2/7: Marriage According To The Bible

Read through Genesis chapters 1-3 and see if you understand all of the “tricky” verses and words here. There have been many “distortions” taught through the years. See if there are any minor adjustments you may have to make to your thinking…and think about making those adjustments🙂. Click Here to Navigate to the Article

1/17: Chew The Meat, Spit Out The Bones

Look back at your own life and see where you came close to the slippery path and see how you’ve learned not to go there again. Scary, isn’t it?

Is it as scary as thinking of swallowing “boney” doctrine because you assumed like I did with my chicken that someone else had cleaned it up for me?

I once watched my father almost choke to death on steak at his 50th wedding anniversary party at one of the best steakhouses in town.  Fortunately, my aunt knew the  Heimlich Maneuver and he didn’t perish. But what of people who are “choking” on false doctrine like Contemplative spirituality, “Christian yoga,” spiritual formation, creative imagination, spiritual exercises, spiritual discipline, visualization, Catholicism, etc.and will not allow someone to share the means to set them free? Do you fall into any of categories…or others that true friends have tried to warn you about but you would not listen? Click Here to Navigate to the Article

1/10: No assignments today. Feel free to message me on the comments page if you have any questions or just want to share.

1/5/18:  Keeping Loved Ones Safe by Correction Part I

Look back through your life. Search your heart to see how you have delivered a word of correction. Was it done in humility and love? If it wasn’t, have you asked forgiveness of the Lord and your brother/sister? Conversely, have you received a word of correction but did not receive it in humility and did not allow that word to search your heart? Have you gone back to that brother/sister to discuss why the Word was given and not left their presence until full understanding – and hopefully – Peace was arrived at? More importantly, have you gone to the Lord and let Him search your heart? Click here to read the article

12/20/17:  Cutting a Covenant Part III – Building a Strong Scriptural Foundation

So we are back to the one Word thought: Selah ( pause…and calmly think of all that). Normally I would not request comments of you. However, can we make this an exception? Have any of you been familiar with this fundamental doctrine before? If not, what kind of an impact has it had on you? My 20 year old grandson surprised me by his knowledge of it, but then, he went to a marvelous Christian School. Has anyone ever heard it preached from the pulpit? Click here to read the article

12/13/17: Cutting a Covenant Part II – God Can Do It All

Look back through your life and ask the Lord to help you remember times when you surrendered a situation to Him and you saw His faithfulness. Think of starting a journal of these incidents as a remembrance of His mighty deeds.

If you are presently in a difficult situation, dwell on the scriptures of this entire group of lessons and, having read about the faithfulness of God, go to Him and ask for a more trusting heart. In His love and mercy you can trust He will grant it. Click here for the article. Click here for Cutting a Covenant Part I

11/29/17: If It Looks So Good…Part IV – A Lesson In Discernment

Have you ever viewed a book – especially a best-selling book – with a discerning eye? Have you ever thought of consulting discernment sites to view critiques of a book you are thinking of buying? Most importantly, have you gotten into the habit of praying for discernment about books you read or speakers (old or new to you)? Might you now?

11/8/17: If It Looks So Good…Part I – Diving Deeper

Part I is an introduction to this 4 part series of discerning Biblical Truth from the subtle yet very persuasive teachings false prophets slip into God’s word that distort the very Truth we depend on for our salvation and walk with the Lord. I’d like us to start looking at sources of Biblical teaching with a more critical eye. Have you come across teachings recently or in the past that gave you pause to consider if it was inline with the Bible? Also consider external sources of false teaching from music, movies, TV news, exercise practice or Social Media. How could these external sources play a part in deceiving us from Biblical truth?

11/1/17: The Lord Is A Strong Tower – Diving Deeper

Have you ever seen a fortress? They are usually castles and they are built out of rock. When you look at them, they look imposing and like they would be hard to get into. Sometimes there are moats (rivers of water around the castle) so that it’s impossible to get to the door unless the drawbridge is let down. There are places where archers would shoot arrows at enemies trying to attack. It’s hard to get into a fortress if the person in the fortress doesn’t want you there.

Question: A question that arises is “how do I make God my refuge?” It’s easy to picture a physical refuge protecting us from some danger, but how can we make God—whom we can’t see—our refuge? What scripture can you find to substantiate your discovery?